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Buchmesse Frankfurt

wetter-lomp-txt-k A little neon sketch for the IO Sketchbook to be shown at the Bookfair Frankfurt.

Skizzenfestival Weimar

weimar 04

Here are some sketches from this year’s Skizzenfestival which was held in beautiful Weimar.
weimar 05weimar 01weimar 02weimar 03weimar 06weimar 07weimar 08weimar 10weimar 11weimar 12weimar 13weimar 15weimar 16weimar 17weimar 18weimar 14

PLUS: There is also a TV spot about it: Check this!

We Sing the Forest Electric

forestelectric A tribute to this great animation short by Grickle.

Illustration Friday: Fragile

fragileMy Contribution to this week’s Illustration Friday Topic


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