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Sundschwimmen – Cover

sund For a nice little book called “Sundschwimmen” written by Ulrike Sebert to be published by Mückenschwein Verlag.

GEOmini – Sticker Game


Here is a spread for the children’s magazine GEOmini about a little captain who wants to reach the harbor. You can place stickers on the pages to help him reach his goal.


GEOlino Milchzähne

Some illustrations for the children’s magazine GEOlino about baby teeth and how every culture has its own myth about them.

Lomp’s Baustelle Wimmelbuch

baustellen_cover72 Druck baustelle_collage

Baustelle Wimmelbuch: Das große Wimmelbilderbuch mit Bagger, Kompaktlader, Planierraupe, Baustellenkipper, Betonmischer, Fahrzeugkran, Dreiradwalze, Lastwagen und vielen Fahrzeugen mehr!

Hier eine kleine Vorschau auf Lomp’s Baustellen Wimmelbuch. Es erscheint am 30.Juni 2013
und es kann jetzt schon vorbestellt werden.

10 Seiten, 33,4 x 25,8 cm, farbig, Pappbilderbuch. 4.99 Euro
ISBN-13: 978-3942491242

Making of Lomp`s Auto Wimmelbuch

I am starting a little making of Lomp`s Auto Wimmelbuch with this post. Here you can see some early doodles of the layout. All the pages can be put together to build a landscape, ranging from urban to suburban to rural terrain and ending at racetrack near a marina by the sea.

Contrasting all the different cars, vehicles and technology with something natural I chose to use animals instead of people. Here are some early test scribbles. Note: Professor Poff at the bottom is the only human in this book.

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