Illustrator illustrated & interviewed

Judith Carnaby writes about illustration and interviews illustrators accompanied by hand drawn portraits. This time it was my turn. You can read the full interview here. Illustration above by Judith Carnaby.

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Ich im Bilderbuchmuseum

trois1 trois2

Noch bis Ende März kann man Baustellen Bilderbücher, wie zum Beispiel mein Baustellen Wimmelbuch im Bilderbuchmuseum bestaunen. Zu der Ausstellung gab es auch einen Artikel im Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. Hier die Adresse: Burg Wissem – Bilderbuchmuseum der Stadt Troisdorf – Burgallee 1 – 53840 Troisdorf. Es lohnt sich!


Due to the foreign diversification, we like Nike much more than we like Under Armour (NYSE:UA) we offer our bearish take on Under Armour here. Nike continues to resonate as a brand in almost every corner of the world, while Under Armour cannot seem to scratch the surface in China or emerging markets.Our effective tax rate was 36.2% in the current year, compared to 35.3% in the prior year. The lower rate in the prior year was significantly impacted by certain nonrecurring transactions cheap nfl jerseys recorded in other income in the prior year that were not subject to income tax. We’re anticipating a 37% tax rate in our outlook for FY ’17. Net income for the year increased to $114 million or $2.46 per diluted share from $110 million or $2.48 per diluted share in the prior year. Included in our net income in the current year is approximately $1.1 million of other income equal to $0.02 per diluted share which primarily consists of the reduction of the estimated contingent consideration payable in connection with the acquisition of Vilebrequin.The hunt was a “guaranteed kill” arrangement, where Palmer paid about $50,000 to hire professional guides to help him complete the task. The local guides knew exactly what they were doing. Some reports say they tried to disable the signal from the XwoLfTn collar, unsuccessfully. The team took the customary pictures of the westerner guy standing atop a beautiful, muscled animal, and then they decapitated and skinned him, as keepsakes for Wholesale Jerseys Palmer’s global crossing in order to conduct a pointless killing. Fish and Replica ray bans Wildlife Service, to its credit, proposed a rule to list the lions as threatened.Check to see that the zipper is not misaligned. When cheap oakleys you unzip the zipper all the way, you may notice that one side of the zipper bunches up a little between the slider and the stop bottom. If this is cheap nfl jerseys the case, the zipper is misaligned. Even if you zip the zipper cheap nhl jerseys up and it seems to stay closed, over time the teeth below the slider will work their way apart.”Paul, with the greatest respect mate, that’s a lot of rubbish. The last time I looked at the ladder, the Bulldogs were third, Collingwood were second on the ladder and the only issue as far as equalisation of the competition, and has been proven time and time again . you’ll find cheap nfl jerseys the only way to make the competition even is to make sure there’s no imposition on the draft and the salary cap. Where are you guys nfl jerseys cheap Wholesale Jerseys screaming about academies, where are you screaming about COLA (cost of living allowance), and stop doing this red herring stuff about having a couple of extra massage tables.”
It requires NFL teams to interview at least one black or ethnic minority candidate for head coaching and senior football operation cheap jordans opportunities that become available, as part of a transparent and open recruitment process.Duru, who works alongside Cyrus Mehri wholesale jerseys china the man who helped push through the adoption of the Rooney rule in American football in 2002 is, however, hopeful that a greater understanding by British team owners of what the regulation exactly means will lead to change being instigated without the need for legal recourse.”I think there’s a place where we can get to that’s short of cheap nfl jerseys legal action, that can propel the conversation in the direction where reforms are made,” Duru said.”There needs to be a clear understanding that we are not talking about a hiring quota or a rule that bears on hiring.Prof Jeremi Duru thinks black and ethnic minority British footballers may need legal action to get the ‘Rooney Rule’ adopted”It’s not about someone not having merit being hired. He recently got the same job when it was offered to him by the Houston Texans. While Ohio State is a great football program, anyone is likely to choose a cheap mlb jerseys job in the NFL over one in college, due to the talent that he gets to coach, and the exposure that XwoLfTn he Wholesale NFL Jerseys gets while in the cheap nfl jerseys NFL.Cover any areas of your helmet you don’t want to get any paint on. Use painter’s tape, aluminum foil or paper to protect those areas, especially if you’re painting a good portion of your helmet or have decided hockey jerseys to work with spray paint or airbrushing. Paint a coat of white primer over your helmet if you intend to paint the entire helmet a different color. If possible, remove as much of the <a hockey jerseys href="" target="_blank">oakleys outlet old paint as possible by scraping it off with a metal paint scraper. This may not be needed for minor paint jobs, and it certainly isn’t necessary if you’re simply painting replica oakleys an image onto your helmet.MLB Power RanksIt’s finally here folks. The first day of Summer. Can you feel it? I hope so. Here in northeast Pennsylvania it’s in the 90s so I can only assume the weather is nice in most areas. Maybe not Minnesota. Nothing is nice there lately. But it’s time to kick back, relax, have a beer and enjoy some baseball. After you read my latest rankings of course.I wanted to create a tribute to Philadelphia (Philly) and I thought about facts and trivia but I also wanted it to be fun. I dug deep into the the right side of <a href="" cheap jerseys target=”_blank”>Cheap Jerseys my brain and used my left hand to point and throwback nba jerseys click to Cheap mlb Jerseys find 101 fun things about Philadelphia. I hope you fake ray bans enjoy my compilation.

Lomp in der NRZ vom 28.10.13

In der cheap nfl jerseys heutigen NRZ Düsseldorf oakley outlet ist ein kleiner und feiner Artikel über die Wandgestaltung des Kindergartens am Fürstenwall. Morgen kommen dann endlich die Fotos von der Wand.

7 archaeological discoveries out of your darkest nightmaresSpecial TeamsThis might be the only week all season where the Eagles don’t have a decided advantage on special teams. Yes, the Eagles coverage units are among the best in the NFL, but they are going Hakkımızda to be tested on Sunday. cheap mlb jerseys Vikings punt returner Marcus cheap oakleys sunglasses oakleys outlet Sherels has cheap mlb jerseys 5 career punt return TDs, including 2 already this season. Vikings kick returner Cordarrelle Patterson has 4 TD returns since 2013. On the other side, the Eagles Darren Sproles cheap nfl jerseys has 4 punt return TDs over the last two years with the Eagles and has led the NFL in punt return yards in each of the last two seasons. Plus, kick returner, Wendell Smallwood returned a kickoff for a TD last week. I wouldn’t take your bathroom breaks during special teams on Sunday. You might just miss something exciting.Comparable store sales rose 11% against a custom jerseys 5.7% increase in the prior year. And we continue to expand our outperformance relative to Knapp Track with an approximate 1,000 basis points differential over the effective 13 week period. We have now outperformed this industry benchmark for 13 consecutive quarters and we were the top performing brand in Knapp Track for each of the first six months Cheap Oakleys of our fiscal year. On a 2 year basis, we accelerated comparable store sales relative to the first hockey jerseys quarter with a 16.7% gain compared ray bans sale to about 14.6% in the first quarter and 11% in the third and fourth quarters of last year. And similar to the recent periods, cheap jerseys we experienced sales gains across day parts, days of the week, weekends and geographies demonstrating the power of our Eat Drink Play and Watch brand positioning.Ok, we’re going to use the eight iron here, to get out of this thick rough, close to the green, so the eight iron is a relatively unlofted ray bans sale club, compared to what we’ve been using, especially the sixty degree wedge, and the sand wedge. So the eight iron is going to make, is going to make the ball go further forward, and not cheap nfl jerseys as much upward, so on a shot like this, where the pin is relatively close, and we’re in this grass bunker, I may not use this club, under a match condition, or playing a round. I’m coach Dave Oden of Wheeler Football, and we’re going to talk about how to repair a football helmet. And first of all the one thing is you must have a kit at all times. Either on the practice field, the game field. And that kit contains many things. It contains extra bolts for the helmet. It contains extra pads cheap oakleys for the helmet. It contains extra chin guards for the helmet. All kinds of pieces. And with that, because many things happen during a <a 3 href="" target="_blank">wholesale football jerseys china game. And I’ve seen it, where we’ve busted off bolts off top of here. These are very simple to fix. You always have to have a screwdriver. You need your kit because when, lets say, for instance a bolt pops or the chin strap busts inside the helmet, it’s a screwdriver. Inside you screw off the screw, you put another bolt in. You can put another extra piece in for the chin strap. Boom, you’re on your way again. There’s so many ways cheap oakleys sunglasses to make this a simple process, but the number 1 thing is the kit you must have with you at all times. And that has all the pieces for the football helmet as well. So, screwdriver, kit at all times. Also a pump in case you need to put air in or out of a helmet as well. There’s many things. Now one thing you cannot fix is a cracked football helmet. If a football helmet’s cracked that helmet is no good anymore. Do not use it anymore. If it’s to deal with the pads, the chin strap, that stuff you can fix. I’m coach Dave Oden, that’s how you fix a football helmet.

Rheinische Post - Big Sister Exhibition

Max and me were featured in an Rheinische Post article about the Big Sister Exhibition.

making the best satellite tv decisionHopefully, with education, these children can become fully functioning individuals who Cheap Jerseys can question the status quo oakley outlet to find their own truths. America is filled with apathetic, by complacent citizens, and our government has taken advantage of this situation for decades. I might not like a kid fashion choices, but I believe he has the right to make them.. Check the shape of the insect’s body. This is to distinguish it as either a termite or a red or black ant. cheap ray bans A termite’s body is one long capsule shape with no waist. These documents were often Fake Oakleys drafted with corporate credit in mind. Many corporate bonds have ‘clean up’ provisions, where if the amount outstanding is reduced to a certain point, the bond would go away. Some corporate bonds have voting provisions that state if X% of bondholders agree to something, all bondholders would be subject to that agreement. This particular one is a wholesale china jerseys jump break cue. It वन, comes apart, and you use this part in Cheap ray bans order to jump the ball. There are cue sticks that are made just for jumping, and this is the length cheap nfl jerseys that they are. fake ray bans Following hip surgery, Jackson proclaimed that he would play baseball again. Many thought that this was unrealistic, however, Jackson made his return to baseball in near the end of the 1991 season. Jackson would be released by the Royals in March of 1991, and would later join the Chicago White Sox. Reed had 10 catches for 95 yards after missing most of the first half when he injured his left shoulder oakley outlet leaping for a pass over his head in cheap nba jerseys the end zone. He had eight carries for 39 yards, including a career long 18 yarder. Dez Bryant led Dallas with 72 yards on five catches.. He fails to see the humor. Concussions aren’t a laughing matter. Specifically Cheap Football Jerseys the Cheap Football Jerseys effects from those concussions. That said, I am not ready to buy DMD shares just yet. Rosenblatt said a lot of the right things. cheap oakleys It’s encouraging to know that DMD experienced significant growth in visits to its properties outside of Google searches. Subscribe to USA TODAYAlready a print edition subscriber, but don’t have a login?Activate your digital access.Manage your account settings. ET July 27, 2016Record projections for all 32 NFL teams.(Photo: Photo illustration: Greg Hester, USA TODAY Sports)Heading into training camps, all 32NFL teams Cheap NFL Jerseys have essentially taken shape. So before injuries, benchings, firings, (more) suspensions and hot streaks start shaping the 2016 season, here’s USA TODAY Sports’ annual projection of wholesale Jerseys cheap oakleys sunglasses how the season will unfold with record projections for cheap jerseys each team based on picking all 256 games, plus a bonus playoff forecast.NFC EASTNew York Giants (9 7): This division is wide open, but New York could be poised to make a significant jump.

Rheinische Post - Kruschel Wimmelbild

<img src="" alt="" title="rp_artikel" width="600" Events height=”196″ class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-1395″ srcset=” 600w,×98.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” />
Juhu, heute wurde meine Kruschel-Wimmel-Weihnachtseite in der Rheinischen Post gedruckt. Dazu gabs einen Artikel über mich, über das Auto Wimmelbuch sowie eine Kurzvorstellung der Figuren.

REAL piatas are made from a clay round pots with handles to put the rope around the handles. Is fun to see the pieces of clay falling on the heads of the kids and the pot breaks really nice so there no need to shake the cheap ray bans piata to get ray ban outlet the candies nfl jerseys cheap out. Will Jimmy wholesale jerseys Garoppolo and/or Robert Griffin III settle in as starters?Garoppolo had a solid cheap jerseys wholesale if unspectacular preseason debutas Tom Brady’s four game stand in for the New England Patriots. Working against the Chicago Bears on Thursday, whom Garoppolo has seen all week in joint practices,the third year pro needs to show he can have a quicker trigger while still going through his progressions. Drunky Speedy had come from. While they didn’t find anything that time, the local PD did wholesale nfl jersyes start doing regular police drive bys of Aaron’s neighborhood, which is easily the second worst kind of drive by.And that nerdy guy who got Aaron set up in discount football jerseys the meth business? He also took Aaron out of the meth business (thankfully, it wasn’t by dissolving him in a vat of acid). ”I’m open and interested to see what some of the owners of these clubs say. I think it’s a genuine attempt to make sure Cheap mlb Jerseys everyone understands why the NFL is the best competition in the world. Several in vitro and in vivo studies demonstrated that the oxidative stress induced by hyperglycaemia leads to oxidative injury of neurons, Replica Oakleys which in turn activates the death cheap nfl jerseys pathways implicated in neuronal apoptosis.1, 2, 3 Retinas from diabetic rats showed increased oxidative stress, and administration of antioxidants inhibited the development of retinopathy.4, cheap nfl jerseys 5, 6 cheap nfl jerseys Increased apoptosis of neural retinal cells in experimental diabetes in rats and diabetes mellitus in humans was recently documented. This cell death by apoptosis gives rise to a chronic neurodegeneration in which neurons are lost in the diabetic retinas before other histopathology is detectable.7, 8. Wire transfer, in which funds are exchanged from one financial institution to another, is a secure way to make major purchases online. Some Cheap Football Jerseys credit and debit cards and peer to peer services impose limits on cheap nfl jerseys purchase amounts. TOM GOLDMAN, BYLINE: A Drug Enforcement Agency spokesman describes the unannounced inspections on several teams as administrative actions. According wholesale nfl jerseys to reports, they entailed bag searches and questioning of team doctors. wholesale jerseys In our new paper, Water Offset Policies for Water Neutral Community Growth, we take a look at where policies have been implemented to mitigate this specific tension between water and growth and explore what it will take to make this type of policy the norm. While only 13 Baratas Replicas Ray Ban communities have implemented such policies to date, the review demonstrates that there is great opportunity to make this a standard planning practice..

Artikel im "Düsseldorf im Überblick"

<img src="" alt="" title="ueberblick" width="600" height="349" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-1332" oakley sunglasses outlet cheap jerseys china srcset=” 600w,×174.jpg 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px” />
Ich wurde von Thorsten Schaar für das neue Magazin “Düsseldorf im Überblick” interviewed.
Jetzt im Kiosk erhältlich oder hier mal reinschauen.

do you worship the celebsHowever, you are wrong if you are thinking this. Let me explain. It’s a fact that content is compressed in streaming, but it doesn’t affect the quality of the video. I’ve got a vice grip here and it’s bound down so it’s not going to move any. And I sort of have this is a position so that I can give this demonstration good so you can see how to cut it. So in any other case you might want to put it down on maybe an old crate or on a flat surface and maybe put your foot on top that might work good too. Wholesale China Jerseys The Arizona Cardinals sudden rise to relevance in the NFL, after years of misfortune, was in no small part due to the veteran leadership of now retired quarterback Kurt Warner. Matt Leinart, a fifth year quarterback out of USC, prepares to take hockey jerseys the reins, cheap nfl jerseys but he has an uphill battle ahead of him. He has struggled in previous appearances, throwing fourteen touchdowns and seventeen interceptions in his career with Arizona. cheap oakleys outlet If you want to make an entrance at your next party or event, a slinky red dress could be the way to go. To steal Bella style, shop our edit hockey jerseys of red maxi below. Bec Bridge have a great option which has both the side split and the plunge neckline so bag that one at Asos. “But I feel there’s so much more cheap nfl jerseys that I could do well that I cheap oakleys feel like I’m part of the reason we’re 0 12. That’s how I think of it. That’s what wholesale football jerseys pushes me every day to try to have a perfect game. Stay classy, Jeff.James Harrison, SteelersWell, well, look who made cheap nfl jerseys the list. We don’t blame him for the entire mess that was the Steelers’ defense on Sunday. But with Cam Heyward out, Harrison is one of the team leaders and custom jerseys needed to rally the troops, if you will. Thank you, Steve. oakley outlet Good afternoon, everyone and welcome again to the Implant Sciences’ Q2 earnings call. I’ll kick it off here with just a brief outline of the Fake ray bans agenda for this afternoon. Bruce Arians went from winning the 2012 AP Coach of the Year award while serving as interim HC in Indianapolis to transforming the 5 11 doormat Cardinals into a 10 6 contender last season. That’s quite an impressive two year stretch for the former Pittsburgh offensive coordinator. Arizona displayed a strong finishing kick in 2013, winning seven of its final nine games including a cheap oakleys 17 10 upset win at Seattle in Week 16, marking the Seahawks’ only defeat at CenturyLink Field in Movie two years. I have seen so many performance systems which are set in January and frozen until the following December. As business environment changes, management needs to work together Abuse with their staff to change goals and objectives. In many organizations performance goals are established early by top cheap oakleys sunglasses management and as a result these goals and the possibility of reward becomes the only thing which people are focused Fake Oakleys on.

Eselsohr 5/2010

The german magazine Eselsohr featured a cover and several of my illustrations as well as an short biography. This got also featured on Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys the IO Website.

10 good traits and characteristics of a successful managerIn a study published by the AEI Brookings Joint Center, a team of researchers compared the effects of driving while talking hockey jerseys on the phone and driving while drunk. They concluded that drivers that were using cell phones exhibited greater impairment than intoxicated drivers. So yes, cell phones DO cheap football jerseys pose potential threats.The hospital was quick to point out that it only took them a few days to fix the errors, but as cheap nfl jerseys anyone who’s ever dealt with a government agency or an insurance company can guess, this was followed by months cheap nfl jerseys of having to untangle the mistake. After all, declaring customers dead is something these agencies do on a daily basis. Convincing them that a dead patient is back among the Cheap NFL Jerseys China living presumably means that some poor bastard at the hospital had to listen to a shitload of hold music.In this case the person doesn’t explain why manufacturers of the cheater’s PC seemed to have forgotten to actually fasten the parts Cheap ray bans together in any way, causing the machine to spill apart on impact. cheap oakleys sunglasses Or, perhaps the more relevant question cheap nfl jerseys is in what part of the country is destroying $2,000 worth of personal property not a fairly serious crime.Take the top two quarterbacks on the team and have them stand 20 wholesale jerseys china yards apart and play catch. Each hockey jerseys quarterback is given the goal of delivering the point of the football to the nose of the other quarterback. The quarterback Baratas Replicas Ray Ban needs to cup the KoEE football, pointing the tip of the ball right at the target. The quarterback’s shoulders must be perpendicular to the target and rotate fully upon release of the ball. The quarterback’s elbow must be at least as high as the shoulder but no higher than the ear.According to German explorer Carl Liche (who, in a pre Marky Mark era oakley outlet Shyamalan esque twist, may not have even existed), he led an expedition into the Madagascan jungle in 1874 accompanied by a tribe of natives. Eventually, they came upon a Wholesale Jerseys clearing wherein they found the ya te veo tree, which was covered in a Lovecraftian morass of tentacle branches, Fake Oakleys and which Liche described as “like a pineapple eight feet high.” throwback nba jerseys That’s a . less than intimidating image, sure. But that’s not the scary part: According to Liche’s account, the tribespeople then threw a native woman at the tree, which instantly sprang to life, coiled its branches around her body, and consumed her alive. Yep: In Madagascar, plants make salad out of you! We’ll, uh . we’ll see ourselves out.Three weeks after undergoing surgery on his right knee, Roethlisberger returned well ahead of schedule. Playing for the first time since Oct. 16, the 13 year veteran looked out of sync until the fourth quarter, when cheap ray bans he directed a 75 yard drive that got the Steelers to Подборка фотографии с различных мероприятий 21 7 with 8:38 remaining.

J'N'C - Deathstar Eleganza

<img src="" alt="jnc" title="jnc" width="600" height="225" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-426" cheap football jerseys srcset=" 600w,×112.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys 600px) 100vw, 600px” />
J’N’C did an article about Hütte91 and the hotelroom me an max designed, called Deathstar Eleganza.

William Chadwick, who sits on the Coliseum Commission and cheap jerseys Science Center board, said he wants to know if adding one or two NFL teams would require a review under the California Environmental Quality Act, such as studying more car pollution in the area. If required, it might not be done in time for the fall football season.There was a prowler outside her house, and it was my job to direct the cops there and keep her calm. But I was just a hair away from freaking out myself, because I knew that at any second there could be the sound of breaking glass, followed by the woman screaming. Online features require a free PlayStation Network cheap oakley sunglasses account. Scroll right on the Home menu to the PlayStation Network column and pick Sign Up for PlayStation Network. Choose Create ve a New Account, unless you already have an account from another system. Fill in your information cheap jerseys cheap football jerseys country, language, birth date and email wholesale jerseys address and create a password and security question. Choose a unique user ID, which might not match the account name picked earlier if it’s already in use. Enter your real name and address, and select an avatar. Now you can play games hockey jerseys online and shop in the PlayStation Store.In response to the President’s remarks, Speaker of the House John Boehner set forth his version of what compromise means:. . ray bans sale You know, on Wednesday I outlined a responsible path forward to avert the fiscal cliff without raising tax rates. About 24 hours after I spoke, the Congressional Budget Office released a report showing that the most cheap nfl jerseys harmful consequences of the fiscal cliff come from increasing tax rates. According to cheap jerseys Ernst Young, raising the top rates would destroy nearly 700,000 jobs in our country.PESCA: Cheap NFL Jerseys Recently, on a talk show to promote the launch of Fox fake ray bans Sports 1, AGB the six foot five Onrait entered the set borne on the back of the five foot one O’Toole. They made it a few Cheap NFL Jerseys China paces, then tripped over oakley outlet some stairs, a metaphor for risk taking or judgment or the possibility of failure, but mainly for physics. Mike Pesca, NPR News.So I was really happy to see the new Disney show starring the wholesale jerseys very sweet and lovely, China Anne McClain. The cheap nfl jerseys show Farm, revolves around China as Chyna Park and her friends in the Advanced Natural Talents program who attend high school at the tender age of 11. And the character has a two parent home! Whoo hoo!”By the time they have been retired for two years, 78 percent of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce,” writes reporter Pablo Torre in the March 23 issue of the magazine. Torre’s article is called “How (and Why) Athletes Go Broke.”

RP - Deathstar Eleganza

The local newspaper Rheinische Post wrote an article about Hütte91 and featured our room with a big photo.

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