Crash of Rhinos Preview 2


Meet the band of gorillas in this snippet from the “Crash of Rhinos” Book.

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A moose is on the loose.


All the character come together for a preview of the Book “A moose is on the loose” coming next year at Nosy Crow.

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And it allows you to have a bigger face; a bigger hitting area cheap nfl jerseys to hit the golf with instead of a tiny hitting area of a long cheap jordans iron. One of the biggest problems people have with hybrid clubs is they try to hit them like fairway woods. So, we want to; we want to play it more like we would a five iron or a four iron, slightly left to fake ray bans center of our stance. 3, NFL players have Article been arrested or charged with crimes at least 37 times, including 10 players accused of driving drunk and a murder indictment for ex New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez.The list gets uglier if the second half of last season is included three more car crashes and three more Cheap nfl jerseys people dead in crimes allegedly committed by NFL players. The former nanny has been at the hotel for several days and an eyewitness Cheap NFL Jerseys told People that cheap jerseys china Ouzounian is having a grand ‘ole time despite denials from Affleck’s rep that there was an affair. “She acts like she is on vacation. She has been cheap oakleys sunglasses spotted by the pool several times, the spa and Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant. She seems relaxed and happy. She hangs out cheap oakleys sunglasses with girlfriends, reads magazines and is on her phone a lot.”Humility was his defining characteristic. He had strength, certainly, but it was the quiet generosity cheap oakleys sunglasses of his spirit that shone through. He was one of sport’s true greats, perhaps the biggest star rugby ever had. I sat with him for an hour or so in the lobby of The Savoy a few weeks before the start of the (2015) World Baratas Ray Ban Cup. Development of the JuiceFood scientists at Cornell University investigated the story that eating tart cherries helped with back pain. The fruit contains phytonutrients, which help in body health. Cornell worked with the drink company to develop it with a process to retain the phytonutrients. Fifteen different varieties provide relief to anyone from a health nut to a football player. They range from cherry light to cherry green tea. The article in Prevention also states a light version made with Stevia helps those who must avoid sugar. Each 8 ounce jar contains fifty cherries. The ingredients are cherry juice, water, and apple juice.”Without an open business environment that cheap oakleys sunglasses welcomes all residents and visitors, Salesforce will be unable to continue building on its tradition of innovation in Georgia,” reads the letter from Warren Wick, senior vice president of Salesforce. “We encourage you to take decisive action fake ray bans to avoid this kind of damage and reaffirm that our state will not tolerate discrimination against people because of who they are or who they love.”

Crash of Rhinos Preview


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Making of Crash of Rhinos

Here ist die first draft of the Crash of Rhinos cover and some color keys for the spreads.
More to come…

And even though NEP has offices worldwide, it depends heavily on a few major clients in order to gain access to the broadcasting events from where it can turn a profit. 26 percent of NEP’s business comes from contracts with News Corporation and Comcast. Competition from other broadcasting firms, particularly from companies based in areas where NEP does not have a presence, could possibly jeopardize such a working relationship and NEP’s profits.So, apparently, at some point the victim is supposed to find this piece of destructive technology you’ve secretly placed in their machine, say “Oh, you card!” and . hand it back to cheap nfl jerseys you? Because if he, say, angrily steps on it and tells you to fuck off forever, you just lost $30 on a pretty shitty joke.The PredictionThe Eagles have lost 3 of their last 4 games at FedEx Field in Washington, but this is a completely different team than the one Chip Kelly ran the last 3 seasons. cheap oakleys sunglasses This Eagles team has an attacking defense and a QB who already looks like a seasoned vet after only 4 games in the NFL. Last week’s loss shouldn’t linger, even against a Washington team that has won 3 in a row. The loss of TE Jordan Reed is cheap nfl jerseys a killer blow to the Redskins pass offense and that will enable the Eagles defense Cheap NFL Jerseys to get after Cousins and force him into mistakes. Meanwhile, Wentz Replica Oakleys will be able to move the ball against a bad Redskins defense and score enough to get out of Washington with a win.Victor Wanyama’s effort after cheap ray bans three minutes stunned the home supportWanyama hits Fake Oakleys 40 yard strike Hull keeper Jakupovic at fault on home debutLong twice goes close against former clubSaints have won seven Fake Oakleys of last eight league matchesVictor Wanyama’s superb chip was enough to extend Southampton’s stunning start to the Premier League season and keep the pressure on leaders Chelsea.Corporate America has a tendency to vacillate between centralized and decentralized structures, usually flipping from one to the other in reaction to threats and/or disappointing results. NBA Jerseys Cheap Corporate America similarly selects, promotes, compensates and ultimately terminates managers as a reaction to most recent events. By contrast, the NFL historically doubles down on its business model and as a result is routinely able to lead its market in a direction the league wants to go. The NFL vividly illustrates that core operating philosophies blended with deep strategic conviction will translate to superior execution and sustained results than businesses always searching for the next way to reinvent themselves do.
I don look too far back. I don live a whole lot in the past. oakley outlet I see my pass to Dwight Clark, the play that clinched the 1981 NFC championship game and became known simply as Catch, every now and then because it replayed a lot on ESPN, but other than that, I try to look forward.”It could potentially be more games . we’ve already gone on the record to say we’re not considering introducing new teams cheap oakleys sunglasses at the moment. We haven’t put a time frame on that. Rodelschreck We’re not going to get caught up in its success this year and make too many knee jerk cheap nfl jerseys reactions.”‘For instance, using the method proposed by Gianella, templates built on previous results from a number of Cheap Football Jerseys lottery games in different countries show that as more draws are performed, the expected result of each template is closer to the observed result, indicating that a pattern for these combinations exists. Thus, the right choice of combinations can greatly increase your chances of picking the winning combination in your next lottery ticket.That was just the most notable recent flare up: The NFL doled out more than $200,000 combined in fines for the teams’ last two meetings.On Sunday, both sides will try to tap into their aggression fake oakleys without succumbing to it.USA TODAYComplete fantasy football guide to Week 2″Everybody knows the authentic nfl jerseys fines that are associated with this game,” Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams cheap nfl jerseys told reporters this week. Overview:It not the quarterback I would choose if I Hue Jackson, but Wentz Fever has officially reached an all time high amongst NFL teams if combine reports are any indication. Wentz upside is Cheap Oakleys exciting, but he a year or two from being ready to start in my opinion. cheap jerseys The Florida State defensive back would help replace Eric Weddle, giving San Diego an exceptional athlete with physicality and range on the back end. If the team was interested, Ramsey also has an exceptional ceiling at cornerback, where his length and fluidity would allow him to play in multiple coverage schemes. They take a long look at Joey Bosa, Noah Spence, and Shaq Lawson too, as all three pass rushers could be potential fits in Rod Marinelli defense. 5? It certainly possible, as Dallas has oakley outlet several options at defensive end, ray bans ale and Ramsey is a better fit in San Diego defense than Bosa would be. I think a number of suitors would try and cheap oakleys sunglasses vault Jacksonville if they could hockey jerseys swing a deal with Dallas, but if not, Bosa gives cheap nfl jerseys the Jaguars an immediate starter to bookend Dante Fowler off the edge. With Terrell Suggs and Elvis Dumervil aging, Lawson fits in perfectly for Baltimore, who will also hope for Jalen Ramsey to fall. Goff is the most NFL ready passer fake ray bans nach in the draft, and could mold nicely into Chip Kelly offense.

Sundschwimmen - Cover

sund For a nice little book called “Sundschwimmen” written by Ulrike Sebert to be published by Mückenschwein Verlag.

He gave me a timeline for receiving the tape, trying out, and team selection. I walked away with my head spinning.”The next time I bumped into [Patriots owner] Robert Kraft was at the Oscars later that year. He surprised me by not only remembering who I was, but asking whether I’d made that tape for cheap nfl jerseys his scouts.Australian league star Jarryd Hayne made the San Francisco NFL squad this Replica Oakleys year in a blaze of publicity but was recently cut and has ended hockey jerseys up in their practice squad. It going to affect the NFL. I don watch it. The referees, they want to all throw flags so their wives see them at home. Satellite TV service guarantees ample entertainment that refreshes one s mind. Things like movies, music, sports actions, dramas <a Cheap Football cheap oakleys Jerseys href=”” target=”_blank”>Cheap NFL Jerseys reality shows and games provide charm, essence of romance, excitement, thrill and all other things that one s soul might want. But sometimes, life demands something more. You might consider buying a Fantasy Football franchise later on. This type of Fantasy Football play offers you lots of chances to earn money particularly at the end of the of season. Just remember that like all money making business propositions: it requires money to earn money. Even with the upcoming end to promotional pricing at its DirecTV Now streaming service, AT (T 2%) will still have a Baratas Ray Ban (smaller) $35/month package on offer an important note as Hulu prepares a live TV service “under $40.” While AT $35 price for its 100 channel DirecTV Now package reverts to $60/month on Monday, it will still offer its smallest package (60 plus channels) for $35/month fake oakleys and that’s cheap jerseys good enough for most, analyst Craig Moffett notes. “Virtually all of the channels that anyone would really want, save for regional sports networks, are included in the $35 ‘Live a Little’ package,” Moffett says, although that package lacks America’s top broadcast network CBS, which sealed a deal to be included in cheap jerseys the service at Hulu (CMCSA, DIS, FOX/FOXA, TWX). Stepping up to $50 a month makes Home sense for DirecTV Now’s real sports fans, but going up to $60 or $70 per month gets users mostly a bunch of filler, Moffett says.. Military would have been the winner long ago. After all, it may be the most product profligate military with the heaviest in history. Like the Taliban, it carries its way of life to war on its back. Vlachopoulos insists that these types of relics provide valuable insight into the lives custom jerseys of the ancient Greeks. The messages not only confirm that man on man action was a pretty accepted mode of freak on getting, but they also suggest that the common people were literate at a time and place when only the elite were thought to be. So next time you find yourself in a stall staring down a big ol’ Sharpie snake, remember that future people will use it to prove that, despite all evidence to contrary, we knew how to read..
“My hope is that any players or <a cheap jordan href=”” target=”_blank”>cheap mlb jerseys ex players that are suffering, or begin to suffer, from symptoms of dementia, will be taken care of in a respectable manner through this settlement,” said Chris Dronett, one of the plaintiffs, whose husband Shane Dronett committed suicide in 2009 at age 38. Scientists found evidence of CTE in Shane’s brain after his cheap China Jerseys death.New realizations have been discovered by CBS News in the death of Cheap Football Jerseys Steve McNair, the former NFL star quarterback who was found shot dead along with his girlfriend of eight months, Sahel Kazemi, that cast doubts on whether the apparent murder suicide was more than a classic tale of love gone wrong. Kazemi appears here in this personal photo.The lawsuit is currently being heard in the northern district of California, where presiding judge William Alsup said he wants to hear the NFL Players Association’s position on the case before deciding on the league’s motion to dismiss. The NFL maintained that it’s not responsible for the medical decisions of its 32 teams. League attorneys also argued the issue should be addressed by the union, which negotiated a collective bargaining agreement that covers player health.MILLER: Yeah, so he has his plays his last game in January of 2011 cheap oakleys and then in March he’s back at his condo. His main, off season residence Cheap nfl jerseys is in Miami Beach. He’s at a club in Miami Beach, which is famous for attracting glitterati. It’s a very big, urban, pulsing nightclub with lots of visuals and music and all kinds of things. And during the night, he meets some women who are on spring break from the University of Georgia. The intermediaries help them connect up. And one thing follows another and they end up cheap football jerseys at his condo later in the night. Their story is they were both tired. They haben had obviously had something to drink. They fell asleep. And one woman recalls waking up with Darren Sharper exposing himself to her. She went back, said stop, then went back asleep. And the next time she woke up Darren Sharper, she says, was straddling her essentially. cheap nfl jerseys At that point in time, the woman gets up, contacts her friend. They both notice that they’re not wearing any underwear anymore. href="" target="_blank">cheap jerseys And they immediately leave and eventually talk to Miami police about this incident.Blake Kassel, the owner got cheap oakleys together with Terrel and began working collectively on the work out wholesale jerseys china system oakleys outlet in 2007. The name of the device is the Bodylastics Terrell Owens Super Strong Man edition. A agent for Owens phoned Blake and asked about having them put together a system that he would use while working on oakley sunglasses outlet his exercise book.

Ich im Bilderbuchmuseum

trois1 trois2

Noch bis Ende März kann man Baustellen Bilderbücher, wie zum Beispiel mein Baustellen Wimmelbuch im Bilderbuchmuseum bestaunen. Zu der Ausstellung gab es auch einen Artikel im Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. Hier die Adresse: Burg Wissem – Bilderbuchmuseum der Stadt Troisdorf – Burgallee 1 – 53840 Troisdorf. Es lohnt sich!


Due to the foreign diversification, we like Nike much more than we like Under Armour (NYSE:UA) we offer our bearish take on Under Armour here. Nike continues to resonate as a brand in almost every corner of the world, while Under Armour cannot seem to scratch the surface in China or emerging markets.Our effective tax rate was 36.2% in the current year, compared to 35.3% in the prior year. The lower rate in the prior year was significantly impacted by certain nonrecurring transactions cheap nfl jerseys recorded in other income in the prior year that were not subject to income tax. We’re anticipating a 37% tax rate in our outlook for FY ’17. Net income for the year increased to $114 million or $2.46 per diluted share from $110 million or $2.48 per diluted share in the prior year. Included in our net income in the current year is approximately $1.1 million of other income equal to $0.02 per diluted share which primarily consists of the reduction of the estimated contingent consideration payable in connection with the acquisition of Vilebrequin.The hunt was a “guaranteed kill” arrangement, where Palmer paid about $50,000 to hire professional guides to help him complete the task. The local guides knew exactly what they were doing. Some reports say they tried to disable the signal from the XwoLfTn collar, unsuccessfully. The team took the customary pictures of the westerner guy standing atop a beautiful, muscled animal, and then they decapitated and skinned him, as keepsakes for Wholesale Jerseys Palmer’s global crossing in order to conduct a pointless killing. Fish and Replica ray bans Wildlife Service, to its credit, proposed a rule to list the lions as threatened.Check to see that the zipper is not misaligned. When cheap oakleys you unzip the zipper all the way, you may notice that one side of the zipper bunches up a little between the slider and the stop bottom. If this is cheap nfl jerseys the case, the zipper is misaligned. Even if you zip the zipper cheap nhl jerseys up and it seems to stay closed, over time the teeth below the slider will work their way apart.”Paul, with the greatest respect mate, that’s a lot of rubbish. The last time I looked at the ladder, the Bulldogs were third, Collingwood were second on the ladder and the only issue as far as equalisation of the competition, and has been proven time and time again . you’ll find cheap nfl jerseys the only way to make the competition even is to make sure there’s no imposition on the draft and the salary cap. Where are you guys nfl jerseys cheap Wholesale Jerseys screaming about academies, where are you screaming about COLA (cost of living allowance), and stop doing this red herring stuff about having a couple of extra massage tables.”
It requires NFL teams to interview at least one black or ethnic minority candidate for head coaching and senior football operation cheap jordans opportunities that become available, as part of a transparent and open recruitment process.Duru, who works alongside Cyrus Mehri wholesale jerseys china the man who helped push through the adoption of the Rooney rule in American football in 2002 is, however, hopeful that a greater understanding by British team owners of what the regulation exactly means will lead to change being instigated without the need for legal recourse.”I think there’s a place where we can get to that’s short of cheap nfl jerseys legal action, that can propel the conversation in the direction where reforms are made,” Duru said.”There needs to be a clear understanding that we are not talking about a hiring quota or a rule that bears on hiring.Prof Jeremi Duru thinks black and ethnic minority British footballers may need legal action to get the ‘Rooney Rule’ adopted”It’s not about someone not having merit being hired. He recently got the same job when it was offered to him by the Houston Texans. While Ohio State is a great football program, anyone is likely to choose a cheap mlb jerseys job in the NFL over one in college, due to the talent that he gets to coach, and the exposure that XwoLfTn he Wholesale NFL Jerseys gets while in the cheap nfl jerseys NFL.Cover any areas of your helmet you don’t want to get any paint on. Use painter’s tape, aluminum foil or paper to protect those areas, especially if you’re painting a good portion of your helmet or have decided hockey jerseys to work with spray paint or airbrushing. Paint a coat of white primer over your helmet if you intend to paint the entire helmet a different color. If possible, remove as much of the <a hockey jerseys href="" target="_blank">oakleys outlet old paint as possible by scraping it off with a metal paint scraper. This may not be needed for minor paint jobs, and it certainly isn’t necessary if you’re simply painting replica oakleys an image onto your helmet.MLB Power RanksIt’s finally here folks. The first day of Summer. Can you feel it? I hope so. Here in northeast Pennsylvania it’s in the 90s so I can only assume the weather is nice in most areas. Maybe not Minnesota. Nothing is nice there lately. But it’s time to kick back, relax, have a beer and enjoy some baseball. After you read my latest rankings of course.I wanted to create a tribute to Philadelphia (Philly) and I thought about facts and trivia but I also wanted it to be fun. I dug deep into the the right side of <a href="" cheap jerseys target=”_blank”>Cheap Jerseys my brain and used my left hand to point and throwback nba jerseys click to Cheap mlb Jerseys find 101 fun things about Philadelphia. I hope you fake ray bans enjoy my compilation.

Kreuzwege Comic


Ein verwirrter Mann trommelt auf einer Plastikdose, ein Junkie braucht Geld für seinen nächsten Schuss, eine ehemalige Ballerina, ein Geheimagent und ein Polizist im Puff sowie eine alte Frau, die aus dem Fenster schaut.

Das sind die Geschichten diverser Personen in einer Nachbarschaft, welche “Kreuzwege” als nonlineares interaktives Comic erzählt.

Diese Geschichten sind verknüpft und lassen dem Leser die Möglichkeit die selbe Geschichte aus cheap oakleys verschiedenen Perspektiven zu lesen oder innerhalb des Comics zu springen.

Der Titel bezieht sich auf die Umgebung (Straßenkreuzung), auf die interaktive Verknüpfungen sowie den “Leidenswege”der Figuren.

Jetzt erhältlich im Jaja Verlag!

Heft, Blau und Schwarz, 20×14 cm, 32 Seiten
Hochwertiger Risographie-Druck
ISBN 978-3-943417-32-6


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Du bist doch nur so ein Hauptschul-Assi!

Also last <a href="" cheap mlb jerseys target="_blank">wholesale jerseys year I did a book cover for Verlag an der Ruhr. Read more about it here.
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Making of Lomp`s Auto Wimmelbuch

I am starting a little making of Lomp`s Auto Wimmelbuch with this post. Here you can see some early doodles of the layout. All the pages can be put together to build a landscape, ranging from urban to suburban to rural terrain and ending at racetrack near a marina by the sea.

Contrasting all the different cars, NFL Jerseys China vehicles and technology with something natural I chose to use animals instead cheap oakleys sunglasses of people. Here are some early test scribbles. Note: Professor Poff at the bottom is the only human in this book.

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Lomp's Auto Wimmelbuch out now!

Finally out there! My new Book “Lomp’s Auto Wimmelbuch” published by Wimmelbuch Verlag can be preordered here.

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